How do Psychotropic drugs affect the body? @ 16 Aug 2019
The human body consist of chemical compounds obtained from food, sunlight, the air you breathe and the water you drink. The body functions through millions of chemical reactions that occur constantly.

Putting a foreign substance, such as psychotropic drugs into your body disrupts the body’s normal chemistry. This may create a temporary false feeling of being “high” or called in medical term euphoria. It is a short-live burst of increased energy or abnormal sense of heightened alertness. However, it is not normal to feel like this and the feeling does not last.

These drugs interfere with the normal functions of the body. These functions speed up, slow down, dam up or are overwhelmed. This is why psychiatric drugs produce side effects. This is, in fact why they produce any effect at all. They do not heal anything.

For example like a car running on rocket fuel, you may be able to get it to go a thousand miles an hour to the end of the block, but the tires, the engine and the internal parts will then fly apart.

So the primary questions that I want to know as a scientist is How the psychiatric pharmaceutical industry flooded the market with dangerous partially tested drugs that are designed to alter human behavior.

Dr. Taylor
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